Due to weather, our 9/26/2023 Crossroads Farmers Market is rescheduled for 10/3/2023.

Due to weather, our 9/26/2023 Crossroads Farmers Market is rescheduled for 10/3/2023.

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Thank you for your interest in reserving our community room. Ten (10) days' advance notice is required for all reservations. Please provide the following information for consideration.

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The purpose of the Crossroads Community Room is to foster inclusive community participation by providing a safe, low-cost meeting space for use by civic, community, cultural, educational, political, or religious organizations. The Community Room shall not be used for profit, entrepreneurial, or commercial purposes of any kind. No admission fee may be charged for profit, nor funds solicited for profit, at any meetings held in the Community Room. Crossroads Bellevue Management reserves the right to approve or deny any and all proposed uses at our sole discretion. Permitting use of the Community Room does not constitute endorsement by Crossroads Shopping Center of the organization, the goals, objectives, or activities of the organization, or the content of any communications made by the organization.