Sublime Corn Company

Kettle Corn & Shaved Ice

Sublime Corn Company began in 2008 as a small kettle corn concession company.  We began by offering large bags of kettle and caramel corn produced onsite with our 160 quart kettle at little league games and outside of grocery stores.  As of today we have expanded quite a bit.  While we still offer kettle and caramel corn, we now offer large and small sizes and also some of the most delicious cheddar corn around.

​In 2012 we decided to branch out and began to offer Hawaiian Shave Ice.  We became involved with farmers markets and now do four markets per week during market season.  Often we found during summer months that we would receive multiple event inquires for Shave Ice on the same day, so we bought a second machine.  They are both identical, powered by 3/4 horsepower motors and are capable of producing massive amounts of Shave Ice to keep your guests happy and smiling!

​in 2017 we decided to branch out even further and now offer the most delicious mini doughnuts you may have ever tried.  Which we produce on site for private or corporate events, parties and barbeques using our impressive automated mini doughnut fryer which is capable of producing 2400 mini doughnuts an hour.

​Since 2008 we have been involved with many schools, community gatherings and sporting tournaments to help make their particular events that much more fun and memorable.  We are happy to raise money by donating a portion of our sales for children's sports and education programs. And we are always happy to work with corporations as well to make every event just a little bit better.

Dates at Crossroads Farmers Market: All
Payment Accepted: Cash, credit, tokens

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