Five Hooks Fish Grill

Fish & Chips, Fish Tacos, and More

From the beginning, Paul and Pam Saito visualized a dream of creating an innovative, healthy eating experience; centered on daily deliveries of renewable seafood offerings, in a clean and bright, casual atmosphere

At Five Hooks Fish Grill, we use the best products and ingredients available to ensure your health and wellness. We take pride and are dedicated to providing you and your family a nutritious meal without artificial additives – just natural fish and seafood products without processing. Your seafood selection will always be grilled to perfection.

We trust that you will taste the difference as we deliver a value that will exceed y our expectations and bring you back for more. You are committed to living a nutritiously balanced, clean, and active lifestyle – it is our promise to help you achieve these goals.

We invite you and your family to enjoy the “Oceans’ Bounty” without worry of over harvest.

Dates at Crossroads Farmers Market: All
Payment Accepted: Cash, credit, tokens

Five Hooks Fish Grill