Black Forest Mushrooms

Gourmet Mushrooms in many varieties

In the depths of the Pacific Northwest lies an old-growth forest hidden in mist. It stands tall, lush, and prime for adventure. A soft glow finds its way through the canopy to the forest floor. More mysterious than the dark forest, mushrooms take advantage of this perfect symbiotic environment. Legend has it mushrooms are the enchanted protectors of the forest. They arrive as life energy transfers from old to new, keeping the rhythm and cycles of life moving in perfect balance. Their intricate root systems - mycelium - support the structure of the forest, deliver and exchange vital nutrients to other species, and communicate with the entire forest.

Mushrooms are the unseen heartbeat of the forest, the connection to the wild that every adventurer feels when they stand among the conifers. This hidden untamed wonderland and home to legendary mushrooms may be something of a myth to many explorers. No matter your belief, if you’re on a hike one day and look up to a particularly dark forest heavy with mist and feel the undeniable connection to something wild, take a deep breath and know that you have made it, welcome to the Black Forest.

Dates at the Market: All dates starting June 27th