Smiling Zen

Flower Artwork

It all started with Zopy's curiosity for exploration, appreciation for nature, and passion for photography.

Zopy spent hours photographing wildflowers up close and personal. Macro photography gave him an insight to another world...another universe if you looked closely at his work. This sparked immense fascination and joy for him.

One sleepless night while flipping through countless portfolios of his work, he noticed letters in flowers.

Eureka! Many years later he was able to photograph all 26 letters of the alphabet and 0-9 numerics.

He founded Smiling Zen to spark joy in others and allow people to celebrate the present moment. Experience the beauty, intricacies, and harmony found in nature.

Spell any name or word in flowers. Experience the joy they will spark in you. Spread love and kindness.

Dates at Crossroads Farmers Market: All

Smiling Zen